Our Story

Our Mission

Early Autism Solutions’ mission is to develop positive relationships with the children that we serve and their families by encouraging and facilitating parental involvement with their child’s learning process, to decrease problem behaviors that can impede learning and being present in their environment and to increase important social and communication skills using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Our Philosophy

Hope is essential when facing the many different variables surrounding the child in question. The belief in the possibility of recovery is vital. It not only underscores the importance in how that life can be affected for the better, but how each interaction with that child is crucial for their advancement. Individuals with special needs deserve the implementation of well-researched best practices. Applied Behavior Analysis, in treating persons with autism shows the best results. Together, parents, therapists, educators, and other providers can form a community that improves the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families through education and support.