ABA Therapy Social Skill Groups

Social Skills Groups

Most of our children and teens start with one-on-one ABA therapy and move directly to the classroom, which inherently involves a much higher student to adult ratio.

Some of our students function fairly well in most settings but struggle to make friends or to “fit in”.  Our goal for these students is to teach them appropriate behavior for a variety of settings while still fostering a sense of individual uniqueness and confidence in oneself.

Each group is determined based on the comparable skill sets of the individual children. Most groups have one consultant and two or three children. At times, groups will merge for specific skills and may have slightly staff to student ratios.

We will focus on the following skills:

  •     Play and leisure skills
  •     Social interactions
  •     Group learning
  •     Following routines
  •     Community-based interactions

In addition, higher level groups will focus on the following:

  •     Inferencing
  •     Theory of Mind
  •     Advanced conversation skills
  •     Complex emotions